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When Allyson was in college, she worked for an Ayurvedic based skin care company where she learned about the healing benefits of essential and carrier oils as well as other plant-based ingredients. After she left the company, she continued to research the benefits of natural skin care ingredients for her own interest.


Over time, Allyson began to create her blends of essential oils for herself.  If her scalp was dry or itchy, she’d create a blend for it. If she had a burn, she’d create a blend for it. If she had a blemish, she’d create a blend for it. She saw first-hand how natural ingredients made her skin feel softer and look healthier. Allyson also liked the added benefit of knowing that what she was putting on her skin was all natural.

One day, Allyson’s coworker complained about a burn she had from the night before, so Allyson pulled out a blend that she kept in her purse and offered it to her coworker. The blend was a mix of lavender and chamomile essential oils with a grape seed carrier oil. Allyson explained that the lavender oil would heal the burn, the chamomile oil would sooth the sting and inflammation and the grape seed oil would help to speed up the healing process.  


As Allyson was explaining the healing properties, another coworker chimed in that he was impressed with Allyson’s knowledge and passion in which she spoke of the natural ingredients. He suggested that she “do something” with her knowledge. Initially, Allyson laughed at his suggestion because she thought he was joking, but he persisted. When she realized that he was serious it planted a seed in her mind that eventually grew into Naked -n- Natural.

Two weeks later, Allyson had her first body butter product to relieve dry skin: Body Essential which is a blend of cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil with vitamin E. The following week, she had her first sale. That was how Naked -n- Natural was born! Since Naked -n- Natural’s first body butter, the company has expanded to include a variety of skin and hair care products.

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